Who Am I

Usually, the “Who” is not an overly complicated questions to answer. It´s more the “Why” that one should be interested in when reviewing someone’s content. I’ve got that part covered, but since you are here you might as well have a quick read.

I grew up in the suburbs of Vienna and traveled around quite a lot. On my journey I have

  • met tons of people sharing my passion for technology,
  • found clients around the globe, providing services and software to,
  • and handled operations for all kinds of businesses.  

After having lived abroad for years, it’s been family that eventually got me back home. Ever since I am working on IT projects in various verticals.

This section of my website will provide an in-depth understanding as to why on earth I would launch a “Tech & DevOps blog” in my late 30´s, but for the time being I would just like to explain what made me become “CapChaos”.

The early days

First things first, CapChaos is short for “Captain Chaos”, and, for the avoidance of doubt, there is no heroic Avenger-like story living up to it! During Highschool I was, as many kids, in need for something to subsidize the weekend booze. Lucky me, I found myself in restaurant business at the time, being a waiter.

Needless to say that this business is dreadful. But in hindsight, therein, I met some of the most interesting individuals in my live. Going back to that place I was working at, there was this big guy (and I definitely mean big in terms of “fat” | mind you, I do not elevate sensitivity of truth, which is something I will stay consistent with in this blog), who was, by all means, a professional.

That guys had made no “empty mileage” as they used to call it. It´s something I keep seeing with people that don´t take the job serious even today. Running “empty” is when you could have added synergy to whatever you were doing by doing something else at the same time. I guess you didn’t know but there is a lot of opportunity to synergize whilst being a waiter.

Finding Captain Chaos

I, of course, was poles apart from being that organized when I started. Likely, that didn´t come as a surprise to the fat guy and he missed no opportunity pointing it out. However, there was something that didn’t go down very well. After a short while, even though running things differently, the area within that restaurant attributable to me earned equally well if not more than his.

At some point, being confronted with the reality that experience got beaten by enthusiasm and sweat, the guy looked at me and the area I was responsible for and said: “You are the Captain in the Chaos”! At the time I wasn’t sure whether it was a compliment or a curse, but I definitely earned that nickname!

The End

About 10 years later my team and I were knee-deep in deploying an in-house developed enterprise grade software onto a customer hosted infrastructure. It was crunch time, everyone being hectic and eager to get the job done, with many time-critical things to happen concurrently. As such, I had to re-register on that customers platform over and over again to test each release and identify edge cases or bugs.

They had a 12-char limitation on nicknames which, looking at the nick “captainchaos”, worked just fine. Unfortunately, the nickname had a “unique” constraint in their database which is why I could only register that name once. I had to come up with something that is shorter and more scalable by appending numbers or letters. This is how captain turned into cap.

As time went by, this coincidence however turned that nickname into a statement that made me match my self-portrayal more accurately. Capping stuff commonly refers to limiting it. I have been successfully capping Chaos in Software Development and IT business for many years, with a proven track record and the required focus to get things done. And make no mistake, the moment you are trying to achieve goals, Chaos is right there to get you off track. This blog will share a lot of lessons on how to deal with it.