This is the first intro to one of 2 protagonists in a saga purported through this blog. Enjoy it and check the prologue to the plot here prior reading any further.

[Morty standing in front of a giant mirror, situated right in the center of the 40sqm bedroom of his formidable 300sqm rooftop flat, located in downtown NewOldYorkshire, wearing formal attire and a chronographic masterpiece delivered by Roling, preparing himself for a meeting with the King of Zimbagistan]

Your highness, it is my absolute pleasure to meet you. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous business relationship and can´t wait to introduce my good friend and partner Humphrey.

[what Morty doesn´t know yet is that the king is a fraud, on the other hand the King doesn´t know its reciprocal (in a way)]

My dear friends in the high chamber will be happy to back you in your Coup d’État, as such I will soon engage with my network and introduce you accordingly. Please have a seat and let´s deliberate the financial component associated with this venture.

[The King will soon experience Morty at his best, explaining the power of network, the people available in powerful positions, eager to assist and conducive to nearly any matter. Because there is a chance that a good 80% of these conversations will end up nowhere, Morty has soon introduced the legend, being a Charta of service fees applicable to the trade. In order to back things up, Humphrey is there to cover the academic side of the story.]

[After a long night out, Morty had not spent a single cent, and the King would pay for a Roeat Roeat limousine to pick up Morty and take him home. Back at the flat, Morty calls Humphrey]

Hey Humpty, that´s awesome man, we got that m***erf***er right there, call your bank and ask them if there is a limitation on the amount your account can handle. [both of them laughing] I will send him our standard agreement tomorrow [both of them are laughing again because there is no such thing as a standard agreement] including an invoice for 50 chipcoins [he of course meant to say Bitcoins but who cares, it’s still “crypto” to him in its purest sense].

[I hope you got the gist, …, this is Morty, and he is well-connected, mighty and powerful]

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